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The first time I used Tater Grip, I got a base hit!

Adrian Gonzalez
Major League Baseball Player


“Tater Grip" is a good baseball product.

Bill Ripken
Former Major League Baseball Player


Our players have tested the Tater Grip and found it to be a great aide in the grip of the bat and comfort in the feel of strength in the approach to hitting. I heartily recommend it to the professional and amateur player alike.

Mike Gillespie
Head Baseball Coach, UC Irvine


The new Tater Grips are just super--our players like the durability, and feel of this grip. With the number of swings we take everyday in practice we are constantly having to put new wraps on our bats. This new Tater Grip last forever! In addition we can personalize each bat for our players. A great new product!!

Jay Miller
Head Softball Coach -Mississippi State University


I certainly enjoyed using my bat the night of the Home Run Derby with my new Tater Grip! It really felt like I was gripping the bat tighter and it definitely reduced the shock! I hit four homers with it and I believe "it is the best grip that I have ever used.

Levi Scott
Power Showcase participant, 2010 ALL District 3-5A MVP and 2010 Academic All District


The Tater Grip design is the future of baseball grips; they are very comfortable and have enhanced my hitting experiences. Also, with the wide selection of grips I have been able to custom grip all my bats.

Shane Carlson
Cincinnati Reds AA affiliate Carolina Mudcats


I am very picky about my bat grip. My dad put a clear custom tater grip on my bat and it is the best grip I have ever had. The only thing bad about it is every girl on my high school team now uses my bat.

Hannah Cookson
Crescenta Valley High, La Crescenta, CA


As a high level travel softball coach we are always looking at helping our players performance and the Tater Grip is the first grip I have ever seen that makes the bat better, good job.

Colleen Stanich
Police Officer and Softball Coach