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The TaterGrip Installation package includes your TaterGrip, two printed labels and a TaterGrip Fastener Clamp to hold the grip in your desired location either over the knob or above the knob.


Carefully remove your TaterGrip from the sealed pouch. It will be moist from solvent. It would be wise to have a towel to clean up excessive solvent. (current pouches are clear).


Place one end of the grip over bat knob. Slide Tater Grip over knob, you will have to use a little force to slide grip down and over knob. Start at an angle not straight over the top. Some knobs are bigger than 2” so you may want to use a little liquid soap on the knob to help with lubrication. Do Not Pull the Grip over the knob as it may tear, push as shown in image!!


Slide the grip so that the bottom end is flush with the knob for proper placement. Or leave it over the knob for a different look. (Note: Leaving the grip over the knob can result in tearing of the grip over time. if you leave over the knob we recommend wrapping some athletic tape over the knob to protect the grip when the bats are thrown around).


Once the grip is in the proper position set the bat on the knob barrel end up and lean against a wall. Allow 6-12 hours for grip to shrink properly. It’s a good idea to look at the bat grip a few times during the first hour to make sure the user likes the positioning of the grip as it shrinks it moves a little.


We have included a plastic clamp to wrap around the grip closest to the knob as the grip shrinks it shrinks from both ends so you don’t want it curing away from the knob. By tightening the clamp around the knob it will then only shrink from one end. Make sure clamp is tight. Check back every 10 minutes during the first hour to make sure you have the grip installed how you like it.


If you choose to leave the grip over the knob to shrink, be sure to cut it off just under the knob before you put it in play as it may tear on the knob portion.

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