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How is Tater Grip Customizable?

Tater Grips are customizable by a technology where we print a custom lable and then its applied to the bat handle. The clear Tater Grip is then applied over the label and the design is then visible through the clear grip. As a customer you will design your label using our "Design Center". Once you are happy with the design you will email that in a pdf file to sales@tatergrip.com. Our customer service team will then print the label and ship with your order. If you have a team and want to design a group order our grpahics team at Tater Grip will work with each customer to design a label that they will enjoy. Once the deisgn is approved, Tater Grip will ship the printed label with the clear grip. When the cusotmer receives the grip and printed label they will peel the label and wrap the label around the bat handle. (the old grip must be taken off first) After the label is applied you then slide the Tater Grip over the knob of the bat and onto the handle. (follow instructions on the website)

Is This Tater Grip legal for all youth and adult leagues?

Tater Grip is approved and is legal in all youth and adult amateur leagues. Please check your local rules as it pertains to the maximum allowable length of a grip on a bat. It's ASA Softball Approved...Check it here.

What is the difference between the clear grips and the solid color grips?

The clear grips can be customized and the solid color grips are just one solid rubber color. In addition the solid color grips are made from a high end rubber compound that works extremely well in moist or wet conditions. Both clear and solid are high performance rubber, but the solids have a special additive that increases the tackiness of the grip. We cannot use this additive in the rubber and still make it clear for the label to show through.

What is the weight of the Tater Grip?

A Tater Grip weighs approximately 28 grams.

How long is Tater Grip?

Tater Grip is molded at 9.5” long. When the grip is placed into the sealed bag with our proprietary solvent the grip can expand to nearly 14”. When applied to the bat the grip can be stretch to 14”-15” or pushed down to less than 9”. It depends on the thickness of the handle and barrel as to how long you want it to be. If you just let it shrink and don’t adjust it , the Tater Grip will simply shrink to the handle. Some leagues do not allow the grip to exceed beyond 10” so check your local league rules.

Do you recommend installing the grip over the knob?

We recommend leaving the grip over the knob on the solid color grips and letting it cure or shrink completely, this will insure that the grip is positioned in the right place. Once the grip has shrunk completely we recommend cutting the grip just below the knob so no part of the grip is over the knob. The reason for this is the grip will tear around the knob once you put it in play if you leave it over the knob. With the clear grip we recommend not leaving it over the knob as it may not completely cover the label if you let it shrink over the knob. Use the rubber band provided. If the grip shrinks away from the knob and there is a little space simply wrap some athletic tape in the space.

Why is there an odor when I open the grip sealed pouch?

The odor is a result of the reaction from the rubber and solvent. The black grip has the most odors due to the carbon black mixture in the rubber. Once you wash your hands with soap and water and wipe down the grip the odor is gone in a few hours. There have been situations where the odor has lasted several days, but it will go away as the solvent completely evaporates. We recomend installing outside as well as letting the grip shrink down outide.

Do Tater Grips work on Wood and Aluminum Bats?

Tater Grip works on both aluminum, metal, composite, and wood bats. We recommend people with wood bats that have a knob that is larger than 2.5” in diameter purchase our TaterGrip Pro model. The clear grips may rip when trying to install on a bat with a knob larger than 2.5”. All of our solid grips can be stretched over larger knobs and on wood bats but it does take a little force with the standard size Tater Grips versus the new Pro model. The Pro Model is specifically designed for larger knobbed wooden bats.

What do I do if my Tater Grip doesn't shrink down after several hours?

We have seen on rare occasion that the black Tater Grip can take an extended period of time to shrink in extremely cold conditions. The shrinking process takes place as the solution evaporates. It takes longer for the solution to evaporate in cold weather so it will take longer to shrink under these conditions. The grip will eventually shrink to the appropriate size, so please be patient.

How do I clean my Tater Grip?

Best method is soap and water. We also recommend Simple Green cleaner as an effective cleaner. Cleaing the Tater Grip will also help increase its durability and tackiness.

What is included with the Clear Tater Grip?

The Clear Tater Grip includes one grip, one label sheet that has two labels, a rubber band, and an instruction sheet.

Do you offer team discounts?

YES, We have dealers all over the country that sell directly to teams, please call or email our customer service team for a dealer near you.

Can Tater Grip Be Applied over an existing grip or athletic tape?

The answer is YES. Many players in baseball, softball and hockey like to create ridges or reminders using athletic tape and Tater Grip is great for applying over the tape and still being able to feel the tape ridges. (see hockey stick image). Baseball players have also created cone shaped knobs with tape and applied a Tater Grip over the tap to give it a more traditional wood bat feeling knob.

Can I order a specific solid color grip?

The answer is YES, but we would need to have orders of 5,000 units or more. But let us know a color you would like to see and if we get thousands of requests we will most likely build them!!